The Home Stretch – Transforming a Shipping Container into a Home

As we came down the final stretch of converting 2 cold, ugly, metal boxes into a legal home, I (Jaimie) knew we needed to be on our A game and get organized.  To stay on schedule for a move in date of the 2nd weekend in April, I reverted to my old friend, Excel to help keep us on task 😉 .

2016-02-24 20.45.12

When I emailed Dave my spreadsheet with everything organized by task and weekend/date to complete said task, he laughed initially, followed immediately with an, ‘Oh My.’  But, he quickly realized how valuable our schedule was so that we could efficiently use our time to finish up the required interior elements of our home of our home by the 8th of April.


Together Forever

In February of 2016, 8 months into our build and 6 months after Dave’s brain hemorrhage, he asked me to be his wife.  I will share more on that in the next blog 😉

We knew that if we were going to get married, we wanted it to be on the deck of our home.  We decided that we were going to put a date on the calendar and knew that we HAD TO HAVE THE HOUSE finished by then so we could start our forever together.


Transforming a Box into a Home

The foundation was poured, the containers were placed, the welding was done, the walls were framed, plumbing and electrical were in, insulation was sprayed, sheet rock was hung.  It was time for the final transformation of 2 metal boxes into our home.

And as I usually do, here is our creation in pictures 😉  Enjoy!

Our dream was becoming a reality ~ and we were on schedule for our together forever date of April 9, 2016.

Together Forever,

Jaimie & Dave

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